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The new RION Curve thumbwheel is a groundbreaking throttle used in RION hyperscooters. Military grade components give complete control when accelerating, and deliver a safer and thrilling ride experience. The RION Curve is compatible and a nice upgrade for any electric scooter.

Resistant to vibration and Whisky throttle effect, shock, and extremes of temperatures. 
The new rion curve Hall Effect offers maintenance free reliable long term use.
Military and medical grade approved.
cnc machined billet aluminum 6061 housing and jog.
Non-contacting Hall Effect Sensing Technology.
Sealed Electronics.
Very low power consumption.
Operating life tested at 4 million cycles.

Available in 2 variations: 

1. Acceleration only - one direction jog

2. Acceleration + braking - jog is centered (left is acceleration, right is braking).

$200+ Shipping